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Wall 7

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Bench at Wall 7 donated by
Ennis Lions Club 2020


Name on BrickWallRowBrick
Shimelonis, John A.711
Delich, George M.712
O'Dell, Gary713
Wakefield, Hugh C.714
VFW Post East Helena715
Joy, James R.716
Evans, James G.717
Rogers, Albert E.718
3/26 Marines719
Everts, Edwin C.7110
Kenyon, Heather Lee7111
Wilson, Vernon L.7112
Newberg, Wallace7113
Tudor, David C.721
Orr, Arthur722
Comley, William H.723
My Fallen Friends724
Ennis, George W.725
Carey, Nickolas J.726
Evans, William J.727
McGlynn, William C.728
Taylor, Edward D.729
Mills, Ernest L.7210
Pearson, Bruce E.7211
Peterson, Mark C.7212
Oetter, Kenneth L.7213
Baker, Vincent Bud731
Kendall, David L.732
Rice, Robert C.733
McDonald Sr., Robert L.734
Bowen, Don G.735
Gordon, Marty736
Evans, William C.737
Koons, Ronald L.738
Armstrong, James W.739
Everts Jr., Curtiss M.7310
Elford, Leslie E.7311
Rivard, Keith M.7312
Echo 2/4 Marines7313
Miller, Charles R.741
MacMillian, Woodrow742
Jaroch, Roger M.743
McDonald, Joseph F.744
Storey, Donald G.745
Gordon, Samuel H.746
Evans, Jerome F.747
Bancroft, John T.748
Heaston, Joseph R.749
Card, Sam7410
VFW Post Ennis Montana7411
Doeden, Jerry D.7412
Nelson, Bruce R.7413
Miller, William D.751
Miller, Donald L.752
Haigh, June G.753
Brehan, Thomas G.754
Freeman, Paul755
11th Hour 11th Day 11th Month756
Cockell, William A.757
Janes, Bill758
Puett, Edward759
Card, Ken7510
LeSuer, Robert F.7511
Anderson, Kenneth A.7512
USS J. Strauss7513
Overstreet, James W.761
Kole, Harry F.762
7 Aug 1942 Landing at Guadalcanal763
James, Stephen H.764
Kelly, Clarence O.765
Oxendine, Willie F.766
Cockell Jr., William A.767
Uihlein, John H.768
Hoag, Mansfield K.769
Card, Charlie7610
Henderson, Richard L.7611
Lower, Donald L.7612
Kilman, Karen F.7613
Clausen, George S.771
Ames, Kenneth C.772
Smythe, Clarence L.773
Jeffers, Jeff C.774
Con Thien Hill of Angels775
Mullet, Steve J.776
Cockell, Robert C.777
Schowe, William A.778
Hoag Jr., Scott V.779
Crenshaw, Carlton B.7710
15 Sept 1950 Landing At Inchon7711
Alfred, Jessie7712
Lee, John Marshall7713
Carmody, Francis T.781
Bayley, Robert T.782
Lapham Sr., Ralph R.783
Askay, C. Patrick784
Stroud, Danny C.785
Miller, William F.786
Miller, Ronald K.787
Helson, Bruce R.788
Hoag, David M.789
Daniels, James M.7810
Kohls, William R.7811
Arnold, John E.7812
Elford, Leslie E.7813
Kilmer, James J.791
SDMA RF Forever792
Alford, Joseph L.793
Bronaugh, Fred P.794
Welch, Harvey L.795
Anderson, David C.796
Gustafson, Bror O.798
Gustafson, John B.799
Gustafson, Joseph H.7910
Galiger, Julius7911
Eschen, Walter E.7912
Ammons, J. Charles7913

As you contemplate the themes of this memorial, you may know someone whose honorable service deserves to be commemorated.

Will you remember?