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Wall 1

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Bench at Wall 1 donated by
Lathie and Lee Poole


Name on BrickWallRowBrick
Edwards, Raymond G.111
Petersen, William A.112
Ellerd, Robert A.113
Phillips, Ruth N.114
Roedel, Dwayne F.115
An Act of War 9/11/2001116
Pearson Jr., James W.117
Costin, Kenneth L.118
Chamberlin, Norman H.119
Brown, Randall W.1110
Tamblyn, Justin P.121
Strand, Kermit B.122
USS Maine123
Hassenfritz, Wilson C.124
Piegat, Walter P.125
Former Marines FDNY NYPD PAPD126
Buffalo Soldiers Black Cavalry127
Herndon III, Alex H.128
Barnett, Peyton H.129
Perrault, Keith E.1210
Paugh, Ralph L.131
Tucker, Avery V.132
Kelly, Andrew B.133
Boyle, Thaddeus A.134
Hutchins, William135
Noren, C. M. Bud136
Held, John C.137
Underwood, David C.138
The War To End All Wars WWI139
Miller, Edward F.1310
Strozzi, Jack H.141
Baker, Jesse W.142
Kellogg, Hubert H.143
Kirby, Otto H.144
Pepper, Andrew J.145
Wolfe, Richard P.146
Greydanus, Samuel L.147
Witcher, Michael T.148
Greydanus, Samuel149
Greydanus, Mark1410
Hastings, Eric E.151
Black, Harvey H.152
Barron, Ralph L.153
Merha, Lester W.154
Knight, Paul R.155
Larson, Robert D.156
Greydanus, Gertrude157
Greydanus, Charles H.158
Greydanus, Jannette159
Greydanus, John1510
D Day June 6 1944161
Beirut Bombing October 23, 1983162
Fort Sumpter April 12, 1861163
Hughes, Larry A.164
Zucco, John A.165
Shipman, Edward O.166
Seibert, Robert J.167
Doyle, Thomas A.168
Stafford, Richard E.169
Stafford, Opie1610
Hirschberg, Leslie Taylor171
Leth, Orson (Brig)172
Walker, James A.173
Bigelow, Clyde M.174
Lantz, Louie C.175
Reilly, John P.176
Doyle, William J.177
Williamson, Evan L.178
111th CB Bn179
1st Cav Bat B1710
Clark III, William H.181
Leth, Soren C.182
Anderson, Lynn L.183
Rosenlund, Jack C.184
All Who Served185
Leslie, Hugh A.186
Seibert, Kathy S.187
Einen, Magnus J.188
Kunh, James H.189
War of 18121810
Kneeland, Bruce191
Kneeland, Raymond C.192
Carroll, Thomas C.193
Hartford, Delbert S.194
Tuleja, Raymond197
Albarado, Stafford J.198
Thibodeaux, Donald R.199
Thibodeaux, Curliss J.1910

As you contemplate the themes of this memorial, you may know someone whose honorable service deserves to be commemorated.

Will you remember?