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Wall 12

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Name on BrickWallRowBrick
Conerton, James F.1211
Conerton, James J.1212
Teel, Harry C.1213
Brown, Robert B.1214
Fletcher, Charles R.1215
Magnante, Benjamen A.1216
Northey, George W.1221
Tokish, Michael W.1222
Edeline, Rodney O.1223
Miller, Glaydon1224
Swier, Lorrance1225
Pratt, Paul J.1226
Brewster, John C.1231
Richter, Frank1232
Abell, Charles L.1233
Berstler, John1234
Goggiano, Allesandro F.1235
Madera, Jose A.1236
Huffman, Dewey1241
Van Doren, E. Barclay1242
Abell, Charles D.1243
Barker, Frank O.1244
Collins Sr., James F.1245
Miller, Forrest1246
Van Fleet, Boyd M.1251
LeProwse, William P.1252
Abell, Stephania A.1253
Burnett, Burnie1254
Collins Jr., James F.1255
Brown, Carl W.1256
Hauck, Brian D.1261
Pratt, Ralph T.1262
Abell, Donald D.1263
Ewan, June R.1264
Collins-Willis, Colleen L.1265
Brown, Maurice L.1266
Darby's Rangers1271
Thomas, David L.1272
Abell, Kenneth C.1273
Frisbie, Dr. Jeff1274
Collins, Thomas P.1275
Rochez, Fred1276
Calkins, Cyril J.1281
Kenyon, Heather L.1282
Abell, Kyle A.1283
Hedglin, Levi G.1284
Collins, William J.1285
Flynn, Michael D.1286
Meidinger, Daryl G.1291
Hagl, Edward J.1292
Burnett, Louis R.1293
Haman, William G.1294
Thompson, Leslie D.1295
Bloem, Nicholas W. B.1296
Bartlett, Steven G.12101
Sussman, Jeffrey S.12102
Plante, Ray12103

As you contemplate the themes of this memorial, you may know someone whose honorable service deserves to be commemorated.

Will you remember?