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Wall 14

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Bench at Wall 14 donated by
Tamara & Sonny Wood

In Memory of:
Lt Robert C. "Bobby" Wood, US Army

In Memory of:
Sc1 Lamar S. Millican, USN

Name on BrickWallRowBrick
First Madison Valley Bank1411
Combs, Walter V.1412
Combs Jr., Walter V.1412
Combs, Blake G.1413
Combs, Peter T.1413
Elk Meadows Ranch1414
Beattie Sr., Richard I.1415
In Memory of All Marines1416
Jones, Hardy1417
Jones, Clinton Scott1418
Wright, William J.1419
Deibert, Charles Larry14110
Courtesy of America's Vets1421
Rentschler Jr., George A.1422
Corral Creek Ranch1423
Crooker, Otis T.1424
Pollak, James E.1425
Hughes, Thomas W.1426
Valley Bank of Ennis1427
Davern, James1428
McCarthy, Dennis Percy1429
Luzenac American14210
Ennis Marine Corps Benefit1431
In Honor of Pilot Instructors1432
Veterans of Western Airlines1433
3/26 Reunion 20021434
Crenshaw, Clarence Albert1435
Reed Real Estate1436
Southwest Montana Tavern Association1437
3 Rivers Communications1438
Thexton, Albert E.1439
WWI KIA - 53,5131441
WWII KIA - 292,1311441
Korea KIA - 33,6511441
Vietnam KIA - 47,3691441
Gulf War KIA - 1481441
WWI WIA - 204,0021442
WWII WIA - 671,8461442
Korea WIA - 103,2841442
Vietnam WIA - 153,3031442
Gulf War WIA - 4671442
WWI Total - 320,7101442
WWII Total - 1,078,1621442
Korea Total - 140,1971442
Vietnam Total - 211,4711442
Gulf War Total - 7601442
Craver, Johnny1443
173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team1444
George H. W. Bush 41st President1445
Wood, Rupert1446
Hopkins, Royce1447
West Point Class of 19671448

As you contemplate the themes of this memorial, you may know someone whose honorable service deserves to be commemorated.

Will you remember?