Find Your Brick

Wall 2

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Bench at Wall 2 donated by
Pam and Fred Rentschler


Name on BrickWallRowBrick
Bammel, Roger L.211
Bammel, Edmond M.212
Brooks, Jack C.213
Clark, Ralph J.214
Nugent, John H.215
Knack, William J.221
Knack, Peter J.222
Wonder, Dennie D.223
Jacobson, Bradley R.224
Burt, Victor D.225
Hengerer Jr., Franklin G.231
Knack, Michael F.232
USS Canberra233
Geise, John H.234
Martinson, Russell Jonas235
Jenkins, Jay Lee241
Stewart, Joseph242
Mele, Andrew M.243
Johnson, Samuel R.244
Martinson, Meryle H.245
Jenkins, Clifford Tete251
Stewart, Norman P.252
Sauerbier, Gilbert253
McFall, William T.254
Porter, Dale K.255
Brand, Robert D.261
Combs II, Peter T.262
Sauerbier, Karl Lowell263
Holt, Earl G.264
Porter, Dick W.265
Killgore, Margaret T.271
Drysdale, Doug272
Barr, Matthew R.273
Kidd, William Lee274
Bisson, Raphael275
Duncan, Harold G.281
Duncan, Willie L.282
Barr, Richard W.283
Kidd, William L.284
Davis, Ralph D.285
Bammel Sr., Ed M.291
Gohn, Billie292
Harms, Clifford A.294
Morrison, R. J.295

As you contemplate the themes of this memorial, you may know someone whose honorable service deserves to be commemorated.

Will you remember?