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Wall 10

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Name on BrickWallRowBrick
Dicke, Dennis M.1011
7th Battalion Hum Xam Killer Tigers1012
Gann, Ed R.1013
Price, Donald1014
6th Battalion Than Ung Cam Tu1015
Warren, William R.1016
Hotel Company 2/26 Marines1021
Norton, Phillip C.1022
Norton, Phillip C.1023
Olszewski-Price, Arlene1024
Keyser II, Ignatius B.1025
Warren II, William R.1026
Gnibus, Richard J.1031
Gnibus, Thomas E.1032
Keverline, Paul O.1033
Jackson, Steven P.1034
Williams III, Dempsey H.1035
CoVan Reunion Ennis1036
Griffis III, William A.1041
Ray, Philip H.1042
Ernest, Francis L.1043
Tucker, Martin D.1044
Harness, Alphonse J.1045
Weaver, Aaron A.1046
Koelper, Donald E.1051
Kennedy Jr., Thomas J.1052
Stroup, William C.1053
Echo Company 2/7 Marines1054
Smith, Wade S.1055
Miller, William P.1056
Boomer, Walter E.1061
Armstrong, Russell P.1062
Reynolds, William1063
Reed, Mac W.1064
Sanders, Tommy L.1065
Lindblom, Steve E.1066
Cook, Donald G.1071
Strobl, Michael R.1072
Orndoff, Robert K.1073
Washburn, James H.1074
Gordon, Sarah E.1075
Gordon, Samuel H.1076
Phelps, John R.1081
Phelps, Chance R.1082
Phelps-Orndoff, Kelly1083
Clark Jr., Edward F.1084
Wood, Arthur T.1085
Atkins, Travis W.1086
Taking Chance1091
Journey Home Ennis Aug 20071092
Randall Jr., David S.1093
Forsythe, Shawn M.1094
Strickland, Max1095
Legg, Cody R.1096
Dopp, Bruce M.10101
Bellan, Ron10102
Hagl, Melvin J.10103
Ollis, Jackson R.10104
Jones, Jeffrey P.10105
Schaufler, Gregory L.10106
Golemon, Donald E.10111
Leslie, Hugh A.10112
Allen, Eric C.10113
Ortiz, Deven J.10114
Bustin, Edward W.10115
Rumsey, Brian T.10116
Baldwin, Derek T.10121
Hensley, Robert T.10122
Mease Sr., Way M.10123
Tucker, David W.10124
Aced, David A.10125
Dotson, Dale Allen10126
McCollum, Frederick W.10131
Caird, James G.10132
Bucholz, Michael L.10133
Butler, Eber L.10135
Briggs, Rueben D.10136


The calling for Exceptional Leaders


Each Generation must recognize the importance of Courage, Honor and Service to our Country. Our Founding Fathers established a remarkable system to govern our society. It is our duty to work diligently to preserve and protect these revered principles.

Our form of government requires personal responsibility and acute awareness from all Citizens, for our country will continue to face domestic and foreign challenges that will strike at our very strength and resolve. Our Republic survives through the sacrifices made by her people.

The United States is forever in debt to those who have sacrificed so much by dedicating or giving their life for the cause of Freedom: these Heroes are what make this the greatest Nation in the world.

It is essential that we recognize and act upon the indivisible values that built this extraordinary country and were once so cherished. The ideals of liberty must remain equally significant from one generation to the next in order to ensure the prosperity of our proud Nation.

I challenge All Americans through thought, word, and deed to pledge their sincere allegiance to keep our Country safe and free.

Major Brad Israel
U.S. Army Special Forces

Operation Enduring Freedom




As you contemplate the themes of this memorial, you may know someone whose honorable service deserves to be commemorated.

Will you remember?