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Wall 13

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Bench at Wall 13 donated by
Sherry & Sam Scott

Name on BrickWallRowBrick
Wooten, George E.1311
Wooten, Jack C.1312
Baptie, Charles1313
McCommon, Scott1314
Huffman, Lester1315
Mayfield, John R.1321
Bertron, Matthew T.1322
Bennett, Margaret H.1323
Hale, Gene P.1324
Smith, Jerry L.1325
LaVeau, Kathryn1331
LaVeau, Stephen1332
Johnson, Robert G.1333
Ford, Robert A.1334
Ford, Dennis1335
LaVeau, Phillip J.1341
LaVeau, Dr. Paul1342
LaVeau, Phillip1343
Ford Sr., Frank R.1344
Ford Jr., Frank R.1345
Noack, Kenneth B.1351
Noack, Josie1352
Bennetts, Jack W.1353
Hill, Phoebe A.1354
Slentz, Loren W. (Slatz)1355
Noack, Ronald C.1361
Howser, Ray L.1362
Hoffeld, Wilbur Henry1363
Fulmer, Ray1364
Martz, Frank1365
Cambell, Robert L. Speed1371
McCormick, Charles E.1372
Jackson, Robert J.1373
Arnold, Richard D.1374
Arnold, Henry F.1375
Pfannenstiel, Jason R.1381
Broersma, Johannes1382
West, George M.1383
Heesy, Nick1384
Macomber, Richard L.1385
Gallon, Stanley J.1391
Peterson, Anton C.1392
Montapert, Gary B.1394
Anderson, Frank M.1395
Camp, William Craig13101
Camp, William Claud13102
Stalcup, Ross13103
Gillispie, Joseph H.13104
Gillispie, James C.13105
Losee, Michael J.13111
Losee, James P.13112
Harlin, Donald V.13113
Gillispie II, Joseph H.13114
Shaffer, Alexander13115
Mahsman, Gerrit E.13121
McLean, George A.13122
Gildred, Theodore E.13123
Felici, Samuel V.13124
Hedges, Jeremy O.13125
Thompson, Evin H.13131
Rafferty, Joseph V.13132
Churchwell, Jerry T.13133
Thayer, Joseph, R.13134
Reymer, Gary L.13135

As you contemplate the themes of this memorial, you may know someone whose honorable service deserves to be commemorated.

Will you remember?