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BENCHES- Plans call for the installation of eight benches made of Montana stone. The Donor’s name will be affixed to the bench with a 3”x 6” bronze plaque stating “Donated By (donor’s name)”.


STORY PLAQUES- The two story plaques set at the entrance to the Memorial and address the story of the Cowboy and the themes of the Memorial. The Donor’s name will be attached to the front of the stand on a 3”x 6” bronze plaque. The inscription on the plaque may read “Donated By (Name of Donor )” or “Remembered By (Name of Donor)”. The donor also receives five (5) individual bricks and one (1) 8x8 brick. There is one (1) remaining.


(SOLD OUT) MINIATURE of the Cowboy- This miniature is a fifteen (15) inch replica of the life sized bronze that is displayed at the Memorial site. Local artist David Lemon’s creation has been the subject of many favorable comments. (See the story plaque that relates to the “Cowboy”). This is a limited edition of 100 with 68 left.


8"x8" $500

4"x8" $100

- There are two types of bricks: 8"x8" or the 4"x8". Bricks may be for either an individual or to commemorate a battle, date or unit.


The 8"x8" brick has six (6) lines with a maximum of 14 characters per line including spaces.


The 4"x8" brick has three (3) lines with a maximum of 14 characters per line including spaces.


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