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Eligibile for veterans who have honorably served in peace or war who are residents or nonresidents, living or deceased.
Battles, dates and/or units may also be commemorated.
Orders received after April 1st 2019 will not be dedicated until the following year.

Bricks to be dedicated July 4, 2019 at the Memorial in Ennis, Montana.
Newly dedicated bricks will be available to be reviewed on line, August 1st, 2019.

Brick dedications are tax deductible
(Tax ID #68-0580264)
Checks/Money Orders Payable:

Madison Valley Veterans' Memorial
P.O. Box 411 ~ Ennis, MT 59729

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              First Name                MI                                Last Name

Personal Awards (PH or higher), or KIA if killed in action _____________________________ 

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   Rank        Branch of Service          Conflict (If Any), or Years served (Ex-1992-1994) 

and/or ______________________________________________________________________
                  Battle/Date/Unit Categories (3 Lines, Max. 14 Chars. per line including spaces)

Example: Click Here and Note Battle/Date/Unit Categories here in red.

Donor's Name/Phone __________________________________________________________ 

Place this brick with __________________________________________________________

Stone Bench
Story Plaque
Miniature Cowboy (Sold Out)
Brick 8"x8"
Brick 4"x8"
Gift Certificate
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Print and complete form. Remember to include Check or Money Order. Thank you.

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